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Essentials Support Package (ESP)

So you don't have a complex environment? No problem! 

We've developed our Essentials Support Package for those that don't have lots of servers or other complex hardware in the office or those that have moved predominantly to Cloud Hosted applications.

It's like we have a Crystal Ball.


We've got insight - An Extra Sensory Perception!


The agent that installs on each of your computers tells us how it's performing; Is the memory maxed out, does it need patches or updates, is the hard drive getting full, is it behaving suspiciously?... the beans are spilt! We see it all. If issues are logged, we get alerts and we jump into action.


No need to worry about privacy though, we can't see your eBay splurges or anything else that you're doing - just performance and management data.


Predictive insight is a powerful tool and it's all about keeping you running smoothly.

Complete Update & Patch Management 

Patch often, Patch fast. Aside from having the best endpoint protection you can afford, patching and updating your computer is the most important thing you must do to ensure high performance and dependable security. But, how often do you do it? If you ignore those nagging requests to update or reboot because you're too busy, you're not alone. Sadly, the bad guys know this, and they target the SMB space because they know you don't have millions to spend to fend them off.


Why don't you just let us automate it for you according to a schedule that's agreeable? You even have access to on-demand reports to ensure it's happening.

Software and hardware asset management with warranty reporting​​

So... you've been asked you to prepare a hardware and software asset report for your insurance company. You can crawl around under desks and trawl through old invoices for days on end, or give us 5 minutes and we'll have it in your inbox. Simple.

Active computer health monitoring

We actively monitor your computer's performance, if things start to go wrong, it tells us by automatically lodging a support ticket. Our team of tech gurus sort it... you probably won't even notice. That's tech support as it should be!

Generic_Device Overview.png
Fast tech support when you need it


If the wheels fall off, and let's face it, the odds are they're going to at some point, call, email or send smoke signals... You're only ever 2 clicks away from support! We'll get you back on track remotely or we'll come to you to fix it if necessary.

Vendor independent, best practice advice and direction

There's a mountain of technojargon in I.T... Which way to turn... What decision to make? What if you had a Virtual Chief Tech Guy that you could turn to to leverage the most out of these moments? Let's collaboratively turn a technical crossroad into a clear decision, let's identify options, costs, benefits and lifecycle together. Our tech know-how coupled with your business knowledge sounds like a pretty great option - we've been doing it for 21 years, here in North Queensland... We've picked up a few tricks along the way.


We're not wed to brands. Sure... we know which ones are great and we'll guide you towards them when the situation demands but we'll never sell you something you don't need, nor will we sell you something just because we have it in stock. It's your business, your requirement, your budget. We'll craft solutions that fit, solutions that integrate, solutions that work.


Sounds too good to be true? There's only one way to find out.

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